Ever - expanding - Mind

And we’re off!

EverMind has now launched with a variety of psychotherapy styles offered by a very special and diverse team of psychotherapists…and we have plenty of room for more!

What actually is psychotherapy?

The word “psycho-therapy” is made up of psycho — which comes from the Ancient Greek word “psyche” meaning spirit or soul — and therapy which comes from the Ancient Greek word, “therapeia” which means “healing, or medical treatment”. Therefore “psychotherapy”, can literally be translated as “healing of the spirit or soul”, nice eh? However, nowadays psyche has become synonymous with “mind” so we can understand psychotherapy to mean: healing, or medical treatment, of the mind. Yes please!

Who can benefit from psychotherapy?


Which type of therapy is for me?

Psychotherapists may specialise in a specific method or a variety of methods so when choosing your therapist, have a look at which therapies are included in their profile and see if they fit what you are looking for. There are so many different therapeutic methods it can be hard to know where to start! So we thought we’d help by providing a mini “dictionary” to give you the feel of what’s on offer at EverMind.

In the beginning and beyond!

We are already excited to start our journey with an amazing cohort of psychotherapists, and as the project continues, we will be welcoming more and more clients and therapists all the time to keep expanding in diversity of methods and treatments as well as cultures and languages. It’s time to discover how to, and who can, help you to heal your mind.

EverMind is a telemedicine platform that links people around the world with highly qualified psychotherapists from emerging nations.