And we’re off!

EverMind has now launched with a variety of psychotherapy styles offered by a very special and diverse team of psychotherapists…and we have plenty of room for more!

Like us human beings, psychotherapy comes in all shapes and sizes, and as we (softly) launch into our trial period, EverMind will be offering a whole chocolate box of assorted therapeutic methods for our clients to choose from, the kind of chocolate that makes you feel better the more you have!

Here is a brief introduction to the services offered by our skilled, often multi-talented, multi-lingual, psychotherapists who will be kick starting EverMind’s…

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Christmas plus coronavirus does not need to cause mental health crises

How to look after your mental health during the holidays with Covid-19

The UK Christmas period has long since been recognised as a time of crisis for many people’s mental wellbeing. If your ongoing mental health concerns are exacerbated by festive stresses, or the Christmas pressures are tipping your wellbeing balance into overwhelm, you are not alone. This time of year, promoted for its cheer, merriment and generosity amongst friends, families and strangers, can actually make a lot of us feel sad, stressed and lonely.

This year comes with an extra helping of distress to digest. Needless to say, the coronavirus pandemic has almost cancelled Christmas…

By Jovana Dinić, OLI Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Online Chat Counseling and Therapy is one of the newest in the field. Therapists around the world have been practicing it for almost two decades now, but there’s only a few studies and researches about it. Those researches show both benefits and limitations of Online Therapy. Here is a list of all pros and cons that have been proved:

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  • Eliminates physical and psychological barriers to treatment — Mobility can be a big issue when it comes to accessing therapy. Chat Therapy is ideal for clients who are…

The High Value of Low Cost Therapy

How much do you value your mental health?

We might not think about our state of mind as a tangible thing to put a price on, until we find ourselves holding off seeking help as though therapy is an indulgent expense for the rich and famous. Yet now is an opportune time for everyone to invest in their mental health as affordable and accessible online support becomes increasingly available.

Along with threats to physical, and psychological health, the coronavirus pandemic has brought dire socio-economic challenges with it. …


EverMind is a telemedicine platform that links people around the world with highly qualified psychotherapists from emerging nations.

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